Thursday, October 24, 2013

Never Summer

We have been CTs number one Never Summer dealer for countless years.  Never Summer is another brand based out of the US. with headquarters in Denver Colorado.Innovative designs and the longest warranty in the industry help continue to grow the brand. Click Read More for photos!

Hand made snowboards built by snowboarders here in America!! Built with the longest warranty in the industry! With innovative designs and amazing camber options these boards rip like non other.

53, 55, 58, 59x, 63x cm

Proto HD/Proto HDX
52, 52x, 54, 55x, 57, 58x, 60, 60x cm

Heritage/Heritage X
58, 59x, 62, 66x cm

Rip Saw/Rip Saw X
53, 57x, 59x cm

Chairman/Chairman X
60, 65x cm

Snowtrooper/Snowtrooper X
52, 54, 57x, 60x, 64x cm

49, 51, 54cm

49, 47cm

46 cm

Evo Mini 36,42cm